Heather Pugh is an artist concerned with examining the devastation of the global climate crisis through sprawling canvases, murals, and watercolor portraits. Her seascapes evoke the tension and turbulence of Baroque and Romantic marine artists such as Ludolf Bakhuizen and Claude-Joseph Vernet, featuring folds of light and water contrasted with stirring depth and coarse textures.  “I strive to make each piece pleasing to the eye without obscuring the truth. What we’re facing as a species, as a planet, is a monstrous thing but an urgent one to confront.” Taking inspiration from ecological artists like Robert Wyland, the Earth sciences, and local conservation efforts in Oregon, Heather’s visual work is an extension of her activism. She is currently phasing out the use of acrylic paint as part of her art practice in favor of earth-friendly, organic mediums that do as little harm to the environment as is possible. She volunteers regularly with Friends of the Columbia Gorge and Solve Oregon.