Whether I'm taking an illustrative approach to wooden panels, working on small abstract paper studies, or layering and building texture on canvas, all of my work is an ode to nature. Streaming light, swirling wind, hues of clay, moss, coastal blues, and sometimes, the slow, intuitive brush stroke act as recurring characters in a larger narrative inspired by place and experience. When it comes to my canvas work, there's a prevailing oceanic theme, with each piece inspired by some combination of history, literature, the moody Pacific, and the creatures who call it home. 


As a self-taught artist, I'm constantly straddling the line between know-how and naïveté, and I embrace this as part of my practice. Everything is an experiment, each painting a lesson learned. 

When I'm not painting, you'll find me copywriting, taking an art class, chatting it up with my three cats and dog, or heading out to the coast and mountains.  

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