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Nature. Art. Those two things are the straight and simple of it. But of course memory and experience attach so, so, so much more. Receiving an easel at age six and sitting before it on my stool for the first time was Goldie Lox finding her "just right" place in the world. Riding on the back of a tractor at age nine and gazing out at an expanse of wheat as the sun's warmth orchestrated a golden symphony was a child crying over beauty's brilliance for the first time. And living here in Oregon, just a stone's throw from the mighty Pacific, is to curl into the womb of our collective mother and feel her heart beat against mine.


These moments and so many others live in each stroke of my work. Rock formations, thunderous wind, swirling rivers, lichen covered tree stumps, molecular structures that join together and form what we know to be planet earth . . . they're themes, yes, but more importantly they're very real and physical building blocks of the process. Hence why I photograph, study, and bring them into my studio. And why I take my studio outdoors as often as possible. Highly influenced by geomorphic shapes, I build layer upon layer, treating imperfect marks as a playground for depth and detail. Grit, texture, shadow, etherial light—I hold space for all of it. Creating art is to create relationship with tools, with the process, and with yourself. I embrace this fully and hope that a sense of clarity, curiosity, consciousness, and calm speak through the imagery you see, because that's what's unfolding behind the scenes.  

When I'm not painting and drawing, I'm copywriting. And when I'm not doing those things, I'm likely stretched out on my yoga mat, talking smack to my S/O (it's our love language), hiking, kayaking, visiting arboretums, walking my dear pup Izra, devouring podcasts, looking for the next coffee or tea fix, taking an art class, reading with a cat on my chest, or trying to unravel the mysteries of backyard gardening. Also sleep, there's a lot of that. 

Thank you for visiting and feel free to connect with me here or on Instagram. 

With love,