The Brangans

paintings inspired by sun-kissed hills and lore of the sea  

white frame accent


For this guest bedroom painting, it was clear from the get-go that a storm was brewing. And while I wanted to embrace that, it was important to strike a balance—where frenetic and calm could coexist, allowing the viewer to feel energized and soothed all at once. Deep prussian and phthalo blues are grounded by raw umber, white splashes lend movement, and raised, textured ridges evoke mystery. Are we caught in a chorus of crashing waves, or exploring the depths below?  


For the large bathroom, it was all about creating a statement piece. Understated, elegant, yet entirely magical in its ability to transform a grain of sand into one of earth's most ancient and rare gems, the oyster felt like the perfect subject matter to attract the eye and center the space. Organic shapes took on lives of their own as water and paint moved naturally within their boundaries, creating shells with detailed pools and ridges. Bold indigo and soft ocean green complement features of the room such as tile and cabinetry while three sun-kissed pearls pay homage to the California's golden hills, elevating the energy with earthy vibrance. 

the french plural of bijou, meaning jewel

"Bijou's Odyssey" 

The writer in me couldn't help but see a narrative unfold as this final piece was born. The goal was to create a symmetry of sorts between the two bathroom paintings, but our golden Bijou here had ideas of its own, going from a connective element to a bona fide character. I'll let your imagination do the storytelling ... 

“But you, brave and adept from this day on . . . there’s hope that you will reach your goal . . . the journey that stirs you now is not far off.”

Homer, Odyssey 

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