It's a special thing to have one-of-a-kind art crafted for specific people and spaces. Unlike buying art that's already made, a commission is an exchange of trust and collaboration. My goal is *always* to make something that you'll be proud to hang, something that will stand the test of time. So with that, here are some things to know.



Commissions are more expensive than buying pre-made art. Why? Because of the brainstorming, creative planning, and back-and-forth conversations required—all of which ensure we're on the same page and that you end up with something you adore. For each surface type (paper, canvas, wood) I price by the square inch, with packing/shipping/insurance included in that price. Here's an example of how it works: 



20"x14" = 280 sq in x $1.5 = $420 



26"x26" = 676 sq in x $2 = $1352  



24"x48" = 1152 sq in x $3 = $3456 


Some people choose to not frame, some go through their own framers, and yet others are happy to let me take care of it through my local framers. If it's something you're interested in, let me know below and I'll gather a quote.

(I find that most art is at its visual best when professionally framed—it simply adds that polished look). 



I require 50% down. This non-refundable amount covers my time and materials. Once I show you the finished piece and you love it, you pay the other 50%. Then, I ship! 


That was a lot. But now's the fun part—you get to fill me in on your vision. Let's start with the form below. This'll help me come prepped for a discussion and gives you the opportunity to reflect over what it is you want. Once received, I'll contact you and we'll dive in together. 

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